Marion County master woodcarver & carousel restorationist Todd Goings, at work carving a flower ornament for a retrofitted, ADA-accessible chariot for a historic carousel at his all-in-one carousel restoration & construction studio, Carousels & Carvings, in Marion, Ohio. Carousel & Carvings restores historic carousels from across the United States; and builds new ones on demand for amusement parks, historical societies, municipalities, and museums all over America.

Master Marion County Woodcarver + Carousel Restorer


Todd Goings — owner & proprietor of Marion County’s Carousels & Carvings, a soup-to-nuts carousel restoration & production workshop — had a background in cabinetry before he took the leap into launching what has got to be one of Marion County’s most unusually specialized & hypertalented heritage arts-based businesses: a carousel restoration factory, uniquely equipped to take on everything from the restoration & ADA retrofitting of historic carousels to the commission of new wood-carved animals & elements to maintenance & creation of the carousel’s mechanical cores. Todd doesn’t just oversee & work in all elements of the operation — from the wood shop to the painting studio to the mechanics rooms — but himself is Carousels & Carving’s lead woodcarver, working on everything from flowers to animals to complex chariot side-pieces complete with lush vegetative landscapes & flying birds. Carousels & Carvings has managed the multi-year restorations of some of the United States’ most celebrated historic carousels, and often spends several years on a job: from hand re-painting each and every carousel animal in period-appropriate colors to re-casting bespoke mechanical parts necessary to make the carousel go ’round. Todd is extremely humble both about his own finely-honed master woodcarving craft, & about the pivotal role Carousels & Carvings has played for a renaissance in historic carousels in this country.

Carousels & Carvings is also Marion County’s largest heritage arts employer, with over a dozen full-and-part-time contractors on payroll to carve, sand, strip, paint, design, weld, machine, assemble, package, & install the company’s custom carousels & restorations.


Carousels & Carvings: 1476 Likens Road — Building 4 || Marion, Ohio || 43302


Todd Goings — Owner & President: tel. 740.815.3510 || email:



Full-service carousel restoration & fabrication — including carving, design, painting, machining, welding, assembly, transport, installation; and full period-appropriate restoration of historic carousels and/or carousel figurines, in any working order


Woodcarving; Painting; Carousel Mechanics; Sculpture; Historic Preservation & Restoration


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