Making It: Artists’ Livelihoods & Arts Economies in Marion County Artists’ Survey + Focus Groups

Making It: Arts Livelihoods & Art Economies in Marion County is a new countywide study by Marion Voices Folklife + Oral History, focused on documenting, aggregating, & analyzing working community artists’ experiences trying to make a living through the arts (including visual arts, folk & traditional arts, creative writing, music, dance, performance, & documentary/media arts) in Marion County, in 2024. The more we know about artists’ real, lived economic conditions in our county, the better job we can do advocating for & helping to co-create expanded arts economies locally.

Making It includes two components:

  • A countywide GoogleForms survey, which will open for participation from June 1st thru June 23rd 2o24
  • Seven live, in-person working artists’ focus groups organized by geographic & cultural/identity community, hosted at parks, festivals, & other outdoor locations around the county. Participation in these one-hour sessions — hosted in the third hour of our larger Cultural Heritage Assets Mapping Project (CHAMP) session in each community — comes with a small stipend pool, which is divided equally amongst all full participants within a given sesion

Click the link below to access our survey — live on June 1st, 2024!