Newly-hatched baby ducks at Rigdway Hatcheries in La Rue, Ohio — a third-generation family business now celebrating its 97th year in operation!!!

Heritage Poultry Hatchery


Ridgway Hatcheries — run by Marian, Dean, & Micky Ridgway — is a gem in every sense of the word: a rare remaining example of a surviving, almost 100-year-old family business, the company has perfected a process of incubating & hatching baby ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, & other foul, for farms around North-Central Ohio, and the country, following a family tradition three generations in the making. Ridgway Hatcheries was founded as a family business in the village of La Rue, Ohio in 1923, at a time when local agriculture still reigned & reliable, expert hatcheries were in demand. The company grew, in the 1930s, to support satellite branches across Central Ohio, before scaling back to its current footprint of operations in La Rue later in the 20th century.

Ridgway Hatcheries is exceptional in that it weathered the many “farm crises” plaguing small family farming operations in North-Central Ohio from the 1950s-1990’s: from the “Green Revolution” which consolidated farms in the 1950s to the farm farm crises of the 1980s. Now, with a resurgence of backyard homesteading, urban farming, & organic agriculture, Ridgway Hatcheries finds their hardy, reliable hatchlings to be more in-demand than ever.

Ridgway Hatcheries is a rare example of a surviving, third-generation family run hatchery operation of the hundreds that once criss-crossed the North-Central Ohio landscape.

If you’re looking for your next flock of birds, whether for market, for permaculture, or for a pet, contact Ridgway Hatchery today. Birds are available for pick-up at the hatchery’s La Rue headquarters, or by mail — anywhere in the United States. View the Ridgway Hatcheries product catalogue — including chicks, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, game birds, poultry books & supplies, & more — by clicking here.

Congrats to Ridgway Hatcheries on 97 years in business, & helping introduce a new generation to the fine art of raising poultry & gamebirds!


Ridgway Hatcheries: 615 N. High Street (Box 306) || La Rue, Ohio || 43332 — Look for the duck mural on the concrete building behind an old blue farmhouse, heading East out of downtown La Rue !!!


Reach out to Marian, Dean, & Micky Ridgway for services or to place a mail or phone order for poultry!

Ridgway Hatcheries: 1.800.323.3825 (toll-free) || 740.499.2163 (local) || 740.499.2828 (FAX ONLY, for orders)


Live poultry & game bird hatchlings (in-person, or by mail)


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