Pastor Shawn Jackson of Mayes Community Temple on Marion’s West Side. Known for its powerful sermons, social justice outreach service (including a visionary community gardening program launched in collaboration with Whitney Gherman of OSU-Extension Marion County), & dynamite choir and praise & worship team, Mayes Community Temple has been a bedrock of Marion’s West Side since its founding in the mid-20th century by Reverend John W. Mayes. Mayes thrums with Black traditional spiritual & cultural arts.

Spiritual Arts, Pastoral Traditions, & Gospel/Spiritual Music


Mayes Community Temple is a 0ne of Marion County’s flagship historically Black churches. Located on Marion’s West Side, and under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Shawn Jackson, Mayes Community Temple is well-known for its powerful Sunday messages, its vibrant community outreach & fellowship programs, and, perhaps most of all, for its world-class musical service — featuring a praise & worship team lead by LaCosta & Christy Mayes, rousing organs, keyboards, & drums, and a long-standing choir & community choir who maintain one of Marion County’s most important & undersung gospel & spiritual music traditions.

Reverend John W. Mayes and his wife, Mother Mayes — icons in Marion’s Black community — built Mayes Community Temple two generations ago; the congregation & its message of faith, service, & building a better world have carried Marion’s Westside community for decades now.

Today, Pastor Shawn Jackson — originally from Columbus, Ohio — leads Mayes Community Temple, which remains under the stewardship of Mother Mayes. Pastor Jackson also serves as head of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and Head of Student Life at OSU-Marion.

Mayes Community Temple is involved in many innovative & visionary outreach programs in Marion County and the Westside community, including a leading-edge urban garden & urban farming training program that Pastor Jackson is spearheading, in partnership with Extension Educator Whitney Gherman of OSU Extension — Marion County.


Mayes Community Temple: 801 Bennett Street || Marion, Ohio || 43302


Mayes Community Temple: (740) 382-3773


Sermons; Christian Outreach; Urban Gardening & Urban Farmer/Gardening Training Programs; Gospel/Spiritual Music & Performances


Verbal Arts — Black Preaching Traditions; Spiritual Arts; Music — Gospel, Contemporary Spiritual, & Rhythm & Blues; Organ & Keys



Christy Mayes (front, L) and LaCosta Mayes (seated at organ) co-lead the Mayes Community Temple Praise & Worship Team, which kicks of a powerful set of gospel & contemporary spiritual music each Sunday morning at Mayes Community Temple’s Bennett Street house of worship, on Marion’s West Side.