Spiritual poet & spoken word artist Nicole Boyd, who speaks & performs regularly at church events & cultural celebrations throughout Marion County & North-Central Ohio.

Spiritual Poet & Spoken Word Artist


Nicole Boyd — a graduate of Marion City’s Harding High — is an enormously talented Marion County spiritual poet & spoken word artist, who discovered & grew her talent through Marion’s tightly-knit network of historically Black churches. Weathering the sudden death of her young daughter, Nicole Boyd — a woman of faith — turned to her spiritual & religious traditions to try to find a way to make sense of her & her family’s loss. Nicole shared some words that had come to her one day in church, & immediately received a lightning-charged reaction from the community: her beautiful spiritual poem had helped so many others navigate their own grief & questioning as they navigated their faith in the face of life’s trials. Suddenly, Nicole found herself invited to share & compose poetry & spoken word performances on both spiritual & secular topics throughout the Marion County & North-Central Ohio community. Nicole is now Marion County’s most recognized poet & spoken word artist working in the Christian spiritual tradition; her commissioned custom poems & performances crown almost all major Marion County events celebrating Black life, culture, history, & spirituality in our county. Nicole is an incredible exemplar of the vibrancy of folk, traditional, & cultural arts in Marion County for the remarkable way that her church congregation & Marion’s wider network of historically Black churches helped nurture, shape, & grow an incredible artist out of an unfathomable family tragedy.


Contact Nicole Boyd via the Marion Voices Folklife & Oral History Project to request a commission, custom poem, or spoken word performance for your next spiritual, cultural, or community event!


Spiritual Poetry; Spoken Word Art; Spoken Word Performance 


Spoken Word; Verbal Arts; Spiritual Poetry



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