The Marion Community Choir is comprised of members from the choirs and praise and worship teams from several of Marion County’s leading historically Black churches. Here, the community choir is led by Mayes Community Temple Praise & Worship Team leader Christy Mayes, accompanied by LaCosta Mayes on piano.

Marion County’s Own Black SuperChoir!


The Marion County Community Choir is a beloved “supergroup” assembled out of the choirs & praise & worship teams of several of Marion’s historic Black Churches — including Mayes Community Temple, Logos Christian Ministries, and King’s Apostolic Temple. The Marion County Community Choir organizes & assembles ephemerally, and puts on choir programs to help celebrate key events in Black life, culture, & arts in Marion County — including holiday celebrations, the Marion community’s annual January MLK, Jr. Day celebrations organized by the Peace & Freedom Committee, and Black History Month events organized by Marion’s Black Heritage Council. Lead by Christy Mayes, Praise & Worship co-leader at Mayes Community Temple, the Marion Community Choir puts on a dynamite program that combines the repertoire & styles of its constituent churches. The Marion Community Choir is available for booking or commissions for your next festival or special event.

The Marion Community Choir also leads & directs the Marion Community Youth Choir, which brings together the accomplished youth choirs of several Marion-area historically Black churches.


The Marion Community Choir do not have a fixed address; they rehearse at several different Marion-area churches leading up to scheduled performances. Contact Mayes Community Temple, Kings Apostolic Temple, or Logos Christian Ministries with any questions!


Live choir performances; music recordings; events


Music — Gospel, Contemporary Spirituals, Rhythm & Blues, Christian