Marion County master woodworker Gerald Carr of Marion City has been working in wood — alongside his brother — since their shop class at Marion Harding High. Gerald’s woodworking includes furniture, lathe-turned bowls, shaker-style joined wood boxes, lamp stands, & more. If his family or community needs something, he can make it!

Marion County Master Woodworker


Gerald Carr is one of Marion County’s master woodworkers. Practicing from his home woodshop, attached to the Carr family’s garage, Gerald has spent the last four decades making everything from Shaker-style wooden tables to hanging cabinets and shelves to lathe-turned bowls to wooden model trains. He first learned his craft in shop class in high school; and then began what’s become a decades’ long relationship with woodworking — nurtured, in part, by the fact that he & his brother share the practice, and learn from each other. Gerald worked for most of his career as a machinist; like many of Marion County’s underrecognized master artisans, he was able to apply the dexterity and knowledge of machines he honed on the job in a Marion factory to the craft of woodworking in his home studio. Gerald brings to his work a skill he’s spent decades honing, & a curiosity and love for the challenges and opportunities of working in wood.


Gerald Carr practices out of his home studio. Please contact, once the pandemic has subsided, for opportunities to arrange lessons or workshops in woodworking or hand-turned lathe products.


Woodworking; furniture & functional object production; lessons // workshops // instruction & mentorship in woodworking


Woodworking; Furniture; Functional Objects; Cabinetry