World-renowned Marion County master hand-made jointed teddy bear artist Cindy McGuire of China Cupboard Bears in Marion, Ohio, poses with a recently-completed special Valentine’s teddy bear, made of hand-dyed pink mohair with German glass eyes & a hand-stitched nose.

Soft Sculptor” & Handmade Artisan Teddy Bear Artist


Cindy McGuire, owner & proprietor at Marion County’s China Cupboard Bears mobilized her training in fashion design to help kickstart the United States revival of the handmade jointed teddy bear industry in the 1970s-1980s — initially, part of the larger American hand-work & folk arts revival accompanying the 1976 Bicentennial, and the 1980’s “country craft” craze — now and teaches & travels internationally about her award0w-winning work in the bear industry as one of the globe’s leading hand-made bear artisans. China Cupboard Bears specializes in hand-made, jointed soft-sculpture animals made of vintage materials. China Cupboard Bears is, of course, best known for its bespoke teddy bears; but Cindy is an accomplished soft-sculpture artist, and has produced a menagerie of jointed stuffed animals — including cats, rabbits, pigs, elephants, guinea pigs, and even, yes: sloths! Cindy’s China Cupboard bears feature hand-stitched & stuffed bodies, custom-dyed mohair furs, German glass-bear eyes, & unique sculptural installations & dressings featuring vintage children’s clothing & materials, inspired by Cindy’s vintage doll & toy collection stored in china cupboards in her sewing rooms! China Cupboard Bears are available at artisan bear & toy shows around the world, and locally, via direct order with Cindy here in Marion, Ohio. For more, visit the China Cupboard Bears website.

Cindy writes:

“Started in the late 1980’s when my doll collection outgrew the house I started to do doll shows to weed out my collection and find new things. When I ran out of antique dolls to re-sell I started to make stuffed dolls and teddy bears. The bears started to sell and a business was born.

Who knew it would be so rewarding and take me all over the United States, Europe and Japan and find that so many people speak “BEAR”!. How rewarding to continue to be creative , my ultimate goal. What an extraordinary number of wonderful people I have met over the years, collectors, fellow artists and business folk.

After 30 plus years I am still striving to offer the unexpected. Sweet loveable faces, wonderful fabrics and trim, interesting antiques or vintage additions, all with a sense of humor to hopefully make you smile.”

For more, or to purchase or commission a hand-made bear of your own, visit the China Cupboard Bears website!


China Cupboard Bears || 519 South Main Street || Marion, Ohio, 43302 (This is also a private residence; please call or email to arrange before stopping by!)


China Cupboard Bears: tel. 740.387.7742 ||


Hand-jointed teddy bears; hand-made toys & dolls; soft sculpture; antiques; classes & workshops; lectures on travels & the bear/toy industry


Soft sculpture; hand-jointed bears; toys; sewing


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