Pastor Jacqueline “Jackie” Peterson (R) is one of Marion County’s leading spiritual authorities, and has long been a key player in the fight for racial justice & equity in Marion County. Pastor Jackie is pastor at Logos Christian Ministries, a historically Black Church located on Marion City’s West Side.

Marion County Spiritual & Racial Justice Leader; Verbal Arts Traditions — Black Pastoral Traditions


Pastor Jacqueline “Jackie” Peterson is known across Marion County for her tireless commitment to spiritual, cultural, & racial justice organizing in the Marion Community. Born & raised in the segregated, violent American South, Pastor Jackie & her family — like many of the ancestors of Marion County’s Black communities today — emigrated to Marion County in the 1960s to build a better life: one they hoped would be free from rampant anti-black violence, racism, lynchings, & intimidation. Like other families, they arrived to North-Central Ohio to find a subtler — but still dangerous — culture of racism. Pastor Jackie graduated from Marion Harding High, and became the first Black woman to integrate a bank in downtown Marion: when she applied to the “hiring” sign, a clerk told her she must be mistaken: they were only hiring for “blonde, with blue eyes.” She applied anyway. After a successful career in banking, Pastor Jackie was called to the divine ministry; she returned to her hometown of Marion after years in Columbus to plant a brand-new church, focused on promoting the Christian faith & doing the work of social & racial justice in Marion County: Logos Christian Ministries.

Ever since, Pastor Jackie & Logos have been instrumental parts of Marion City’s West Side, faith congregation-led collaborative movement for social justice & community revitalization in Marion County. Pastor Jackie serves on the Marion Minority Commission; and Logos Ministries runs a food pantry & backpack program to help ensure that all kids & families on the West Side have access to the food & clothes they need. Pastor Jackie has been one of the lead community scholars on the Marion Voices Folklife & Oral History Project since our first open community planning meetings in November of 2018. Her leadership, vision, & unflinching commitment to more just futures & livelihoods for Marion County have played an irreplaceable part in the development of our Marion Voices program design & project praxis.

As the Pastor of Logos Ministries, Pastor Jackie Peterson is a keeper & practitioner of a long tradition of Black verbal arts codified in the form of the sermon. Pastor Jackie’s intricate, moving sermons for Logos Ministries combine exegesis of the Bible, relevant messaging, & singing & vocal performance. Due to COVID-19, Logos Christian Ministries has also been holding “parking lot” services and broadcasting live sermons via Facebook Live Livestream; click here to witness Pastor Jackie’s powerful sermons & to enjoy Logos’ accomplished choir.


Visit Logos Christian Ministries at 582 Lee Street || Marion, Ohio || 43302


Logos Christian Ministries: tel. 740.223.1515; or email Pastor Jackie Peterson directly at


Sunday ministry; Christian outreach; racial & cultural justice organizing; food pantry; school backpack weekend/summer food programs


Verbal Arts — Black Preaching Traditions; Community Racial Justice Organizing; Spiritual Arts; Music — Gospel, Contemporary Spiritual; Festivals & Events